NEON UK is a creative content studio.

We are a diverse fusion of leading talent and we work with you to bring stories to life that stand out. We’re genuinely proud of the work that we do.

We specialise in producing creatively driven content for top advertising agencies, brands and clients all over the world, and the work our team produces has been viewed a gazillion times on channels and platforms globally.

Our production expertise covers commercials, documentaries, short and long form content, social, stills campaigns and experiential events. 

How do you want to work with us?  

We can partner with you in whichever way works best for you. If you have an idea we can help bring it to life, and if you have a brief we can turn it into an idea, a film, a campaign or an event. We are happy to help and collaborate through the process at every stage.

Our mission is to produce exceptional work in a straightforward and efficient way.

What we can do:
Creative development
Film production / editing
Photography / re-touching
CGI + Motion Graphics + VFX
2D + 3D Animation
Web design + build